New blog!

Welcome to the new blog of CILIP’s Cataloguing and Indexing Group. We lost our old blog in the move to the new CILIP web space and we would like to thank you for bearing with us whilst we set up this new site.

We’ll be using the blog in the same way we always did – to announce upcoming visits and events and to keep you posted on the latest news from the world of metadata. We also hope to bring you some new and exciting initiatives soon so watch this space!

We’re still working on making the blog look pretty but we felt it was more important to get a site up and running so we would have a forum to interact with our members. Remember, this blog is YOUR space just as much as it is ours so we welcome your comments or feedback. We look forward to working with you!


2 thoughts on “New blog!

    1. cilipcig Post author

      Thanks so much for pointing that out! We’ve added an RSS feed for posts in the menu on the right. Please let us know if you have any further problems and thanks for reading.


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