Alan Jeffreys Award winners 2013

We are pleased to announce that this year we have decided to make a joint award for the Alan Jeffreys Award 2013

The award is made by the Cataloguing & Indexing Group Committee in memory of Alan Jeffreys, the former Chairman of the Group, who died in 1994.   The recipient of the award should have made a substantive contribution to the development, teaching or practice of cataloguing or indexing.

The award for 2013 is given to Esther Arens, University of Leicester & Céline Carty, Cambridge University.

Esther’s award is in recognition for her work in conceiving, developing (and often delivering) the successful “FRBR for the terrified” workshops. The workshops were always booked out and highly appreciated by all who attended them.

Céline’s award is in recognition of for her work on supporting the adoption of RDA within the UK academic library community. She has been very visble in supporting cataloguers beyond her institution, especially in social media and through feeding back her experiences at ALA.

Congratulations to both winners.

We’ll be looking for new nominations next year again so keep your eyes open in the summer, but in the meantime, please be thinking of who you could nominate. It can be any member of CILIP/CIG, at any stage of their career and full details of the terms of reference can be found with the details of last year’s nomination process here.


1 thought on “Alan Jeffreys Award winners 2013

  1. @EstherArens

    I’d like to say huge thank-you to all who helped me develop, test, tweak, refine etc. the “FRBR for the terrified”. This was definitely a team effort! To see or hear that people got something out of it was already very rewarding.


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