Linked Data event presentations now online

On Monday 25th November, the CIG event on Linked Data: what cataloguers need to know took place in Birmingham. It was a very full day and thank you to everyone who came along to find out more. Special thanks also to our speakers: Tom Meehan, Owen Stephens, Corine Deliot and Celine Carty.

Links to all of the presentations from the day have been made available on the CIG web pages. This should be a useful reference to all those who attended on the day as well as being interesting reading for anyone who wished they had been there. Thanks also to all who tweeted from the event. All the enthusiastic attendees meant the whole day had a great buzz about it and we hope it was useful to everyone there.

We are currently assessing the feedback forms, so if you were there on the day and haven’t yet filled in the feedback survey then please do, as we will use that information to help inform and improve future events.


Comments welcome!

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