Meet your committee: Karen Pierce

This post owes a small apology to Karen who actually wrote this for us a while ago. In transitioning to the new blog the original post was lost but we are reposting it here:

My name is Karen Pierce, and I joined the CIG committee at the beginning of this year (2013) as a representative for Wales.  At the moment Wales doesn’t have its own regional branch of CIG, but over the last couple of years a few of us in Wales have been trying to create some kind of group to represent cataloguers in this area.   If you live in Wales and want to find out what we are doing you can join the Cataloguers in Wales’ mailing list or find us on twitter @CatatlogueWales or check out our blog. We aim to put on training sessions and staff development events for cataloguers within Wales, and are happy to listen to suggestions.  It is also possible that at some point in the future we may become affiliated to CIG.

I work at Cardiff University as a full time cataloguer, and have done since 2007; prior to this I worked in the Sir Herbert Duthie Library (also part of CU) where I was initially an acquisitions and cataloguing assistant.  My main responsibility is cataloguing stock for the medical and healthcare libraries, and I am also the sole cataloguer for the Human Genetics Historical Library which is housed in SCOLAR, our special collections department.

For the last two years, along with my colleagues, I have spent one day a fortnight cataloguing rare books in SCOLAR alongside our rare books cataloguer.  This has been quite a steep learning curve, but a fantastic opportunity to gain extra skills, and get my hands on some fabulous items dating back hundreds of years.

In my spare time apart from reading books (obviously!), I enjoy European folk dancing (French, Breton & Swedish), tracking down stone circles in the British landscape, and attempting to write my first novel.


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