CIG Annual Bursary

We are pleased to announce our recently launched annual bursary. Full details can be found below. Best of luck to all applicants!

Purpose: The CILIP Cataloguing & Indexing Group intends to support research, best practice, and professional development in the field of metadata, cataloguing, classification, indexing, and the technology for these areas with an annual bursary of up to £500. CIG also wants to help disseminate the outcomes of any sponsored projects or activities.

Conditions: This bursary is intended for future or ongoing projects (i.e. not awarding past achievements) where no other funds are available. It is available to CIG members. Candidates are expected to report on their results/findings/output etc. to the CIG committee; these reports are to be published in the group’s journal, members’ newsletter, and/or blog. If the report or results are otherwise published, the support from CIG Annual Bursary should be acknowledged. The bursary is not intended for primary professional training (e.g. library school fees). Depending on the suitability of applications, the bursary may be split or not awarded.

Application: The bursary will be announced at least four weeks in advance of its deadline which shall be 31st October; the candidates will be informed of the outcome within another four weeks. Applications should be submitted to the CIG Chair/Secretary and should include:

  • A covering letter of application
  • Details of how the bursary will be spent i.e.
    • a description of the aims & objectives of the project or activity
    • how it will contribute to the professional development of individuals or generally to CIG’s field of interest (not more than 500 words)

A supporting statement from anyone in the wider library profession is optional.

Decision: The panel of judges for the CIG Annual Bursary will be comprised of three persons:

  • CIG Chair or CIG committee member nominated by the Chair
  • Professional academic, invited by the committee
  • Professional practitioner or other expert in the field, invited by the committee

Payment: Payment will be made to the successful applicant(s) by cheque or electronic bank transfer, at a time determined by the judging panel. The panel may impose conditions, such as proof of expenses, that have to be fulfilled before the full sum is paid out.



Comments welcome!

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