Future Governance of RDA

Members’ attention is drawn to the consultation into the future governance of RDA recently announced by the Committee of Principals.

CoP is soliciting responses from all stakeholders

Read the discussion document or see the presentation given by Simon Edwards, Chair of the Committee of Principals, to the IFLA Satellite Meeting RDA: Resource Description and Access – Status and perspectives 2014, Frankfurt, 13th August,

Submitting a response to the consultation document

Stakeholders are asked to submit a response to this paper via email direct to the Chair of CoP. Send responses to:  simon.edwards@cilip.org.uk  with the email subject field “RDA Governance Review Consultation.”  Submissions should be limited to 1000 words.

Respondents are asked respond to the following questions and should bear in mind the principles already agreed by CoP (see section 3 of the background paper).

1. How do you think the Governance Structure could be improved?
2. How could structures be developed to facilitate requests for changes to the standard to be submitted and the views of stakeholders to be represented?
3. Are there any existing structures that could be built upon?
4. Are you aware of any other governance models for this kind of activity which you think we should be aware of/investigate?

All responses must be received by 31st December 2014.


Comments welcome!

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