Catalogue and Index – Call for papers

The June issue of Catalogue & Index (179) will focus on rare books cataloguing, and we invite contributions on this topic.

We are interested in hearing about your experiences in cataloguing rare books, whether this is your full time position or something you do on a more ad hoc basis.  How did you enter rare books cataloguing? Did you learn about it at Library School?  What advice can you give people who would like to enter this field? How different is rare book cataloguing to ‘everyday’ cataloguing? Has the emergence of RDA affected your rare book cataloguing at all?  Have you made any exciting discoveries, or tracked down interesting provenance?

We would like to hear about any rare book cataloguing projects, and any experiences that you would like to share.  The copy date will be 1st June 2015.

Please contact the editors with your ideas, or for more information:

Helen Garner, Sheffield Hallam University

Karen Pierce, Cardiff University


Comments welcome!

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