Call for Nominations – Alan Jeffreys Award

CIG invite nominations for the Alan Jeffreys Award.

Established in 1996, in memory of a former chairman of the group who died two years earlier, the Alan Jeffreys Award recognises those who have made significant contributions to the understanding and development of cataloguing, indexing and related fields of librarianship.
The recipient of the award should have made a substantive contribution to the development, teaching or practice of cataloguing or indexing. Nominations should provide evidence of exceptional achievement in one or more of the following categories:

– Teaching or Professional Development
– Leadership in a changing environment
– Delivery of a project

Evidence should include assessment of the impact the nominee has had. This may include, but is not limited to, improved access to collections; academic performance or efficiencies. Nominations should be sent to the Honorary Secretary,, until 15 August 2015. They will be evaluated by the CIG committee; nominees are excluded from the evaluation process.


Comments welcome!

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