C&I Call for Papers

We are looking for contributions to an issue of Catalogue & Index based around vendor and information suppliers, and are interested in hearing about what is it like working as a cataloguer for a commercial concern.

Some of the topics we would like to know about include:

  • How are records produced?
  • What is your cataloguing workflow?
  • How do you or your company anticipate that the evolving RDA guidelines and the new schema to replace MARC21, Bibframe, will impact on processes?
  • What changes are vendors looking to implement in response to customer demand?
  • Are there ways that we as customers can work in partnership with these companies?
  • We would also like to know about your personal career pathway, was this your first job after library school, of did you move into the position from a different sector?

Please get in touch with the editors to discuss your contribution, or with any questions.  We are looking for pieces about 1500 words in length, and like to include pictures where possible.

The final date of submission is 30th November.




Comments welcome!

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