#CIG16 After Dinner Speaker

At this year’s CIG conference in Swansea we will be very pleased to welcome artist Sam Winston as our after dinner speaker on Thursday 1st September.  Sam will be talking about his collaborative picture-book with Oliver Jeffers called A Child of Books, coming out September 2016. The book is an ode to storytelling and imagination, featuring landscapes crafted out of excerpts taken from over 40 works of classic children’s literature. Sam’s typographic settings paired with Oliver’s character illustrations tell the story of two children’s adventures into the world of stories.

For those of you who are new to Sam’s work, this extract from his website http://www.samwinston.com/ will perhaps illustrate how his art should be of interest to those of us who work with metadata and text:

Sam Winston’s practise is concerned with language both as a carrier of messages but also as a form in and of itself. Initially known for his typography and artist books, he employs a variety of different approaches including drawing, data mapping and poetry.

A continuing theme is his exploration of the hidden narratives found in canonical bodies of text. Works such as Darwin’s Origin of the Species or classic nineteenth century children’s literature are often subject to data mining and cut and paste techniques to playfully reveal meta narratives and visual assumptions.

Sam’s new book A Child of Books is being published on 1st September, the date of our conference, so we are lucky to have this exclusive opportunity to hear him talk on publication day.

Sam can be found on Twitter and Instagram:  @samwinston_



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