Facet Publishing and Library Juice Press books available to review!

Books available to review

We have the following titles available to be reviewed for our journal Catalogue & Index.  They will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Cox, Andrew M. & Verbaan, Eddy (2018) Exploring research data management. London: Facet Publishing.

Pennington, Diane Rasmussen & Spiteri, Louise F. (2019, eds.) Social tagging in a linked data environment. London: Facet Publishing.

Hider, Philip (2018) Information resource description: creating and managing metadata (2nd ed.). London: Facet Publishing.

Sandberg, Jane (2019, ed.) Ethical questions in name authority control. Sacramento: Library Juice Press.

If you would like to review one of the titles please contact the editor stating which one you are interested in:  PierceKF@Cardiff.ac.uk

Please bear in mind the following:

We expect the review to be completed within three months of the reviewer receiving the book.

Reviews should be at least 600 words (and can be longer).

The review will be published in the first available issue of Catalogue & Index.

The reviewer will get to keep the book.

(Further guidance will be sent to the reviewer)




Comments welcome!

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