Visit to the Cambridge University Press offices

30th April at 11 am

A great opportunity has arisen for 10 CIG members!

On the 30th of April, our Social Media Manager Concetta La Spada, will welcome ten of you for a visit at the Cambridge University Press offices in Cambridge.

You will see:

the Cambridge University Press Museum which holds, among others, the 1534 Letter Patent signed by Henry VIII enabling the Cambridge University to print books. The Cambridge University Press Archive, where every print book or journal ever published by the Press are hold.You’ll also have an opportunity to meet people from various departments, that will explain all the processes of what we call book publishing.

If you have ever been curious to see how a publisher works this is the event for you.

Accessibility info (stairs, long walk, standing, etc.): The Press offices are completely accessible, there is a 10 minutes’ walk from the train station to here

Lunch provided (Please give information about any dietary requirements)

Meeting point 11 at the Press reception.


Comments welcome!

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