Catalogue & Index 195: Call for papers

Our next issue (June) will be looking at RDA and other Standards, and we would like to hear about the variety of approaches people take to standards. Do you follow national and international standards strictly, or do you divert into local practice? If you have local variations is this a historical policy and have you ever thought about changing? With the beta launch of the RDA Toolkit in 2018 where does your institution feel they are on their RDA journey? Do you work somewhere that hasn’t yet implemented RDA – would you like to talk about the reasons behind that, and whether it is an option for the future. Are you waiting for guidance and training on the new toolkit? Where do you think RDA should be going? Do you engage with other standards and participate in making updates and changes? Do you use RDA in a non-MARC environment? We welcome papers on any of the above topics, or any that fall within the topic of ‘RDA and other Standards’.


Please contact the editor (Karen Pierce: with proposed papers, any queries, or if you want to offer a paper that does not fit into the theme mentioned. The deadline for this issue is 31st May. We are always happy to consider papers on topics unrelated to an issue’s theme, especially if it is the result of some research you have conducted, or a project you have been involved in. Papers can be up to 2,000 words, and we are happy to include a selection of images. Please check our guidance for contributors.


Comments welcome!

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