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CILIP Leadership Programme Update

CIG is one of the groups taking part in the CILIP Leadership Programme. As part of the programme participants are asked to work on projects which benefit the wider membership. One of the projects that CIG is involved in is building an equality and diversity strategy. The members of the project team have provided an update for our members which can be found below:

The CILIP Leadership Programme is a new programme being piloted in 2015-16. It has been designed to create additional leadership capacity both within the profession and within the CILIP membership. Here’s an update on CIG’s involvement in the project from Elly O’Brien.

CIG, like other CILIP member networks, has been challenged to consider equality and diversity in its annual business plans. In order to do so, CIG needs to understand its members and any potential barriers to participation in CIG’s network and activities.

A group from the CILIP Leadership Programme has been tasked with helping CIG by benchmarking its members against the wider profession (using the workforce mapping project data), identifying barriers (both general and specific to CIG) to participation and helping CIG to develop a diversity and equality strategy. The learning from this project will inform a toolkit to support other member networks to understand their members and develop diversity and equality strategies to address their members’ needs.

The project is in its early phases, but there will be a survey distributed to all CIG members. We would really appreciate you taking the time to complete the survey in order for the work to be accurate and enable us to understand your requirements. We may also do some follow-up work with individuals who have experienced barriers to participation.

Thanks for your help in advance – The Diversity and Equality Group Project for the CILIP Leadership Programme.