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RLS-athon – 9th November, Edinburgh – Update

Places are still available for the RLS jane-athon, taking place in Edinburgh on the 9th of November – workshop update below.

Want to experience RDA: Resource Description and Access without wearing MARC glasses? Want to see how WEMI is supposed to work? Want to put the fun back into cataloguing? Are you ready to RIMMF?

Come to the world’s first RLS-athon – a hackathon for RDA metadata about Robert Louis Stevenson and his works, organised by the Cataloguing & Indexing Group in Scotland (CIGS), Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA (JSC), and The Marc of Quality (TMQ)

Based on the successful jane-athon formula ( http://rballs.info/topics/p/jane/janeathon.html ) the RLS-athon will bring cataloguers together to use the RDA editor RIMMF to experiment with pure RDA data and to discuss the good and bad points of the RDA instructions. RIMMF (RDA in Many Metadata Formats) is available for free download ( http://www.rdaregistry.info/rimmf/ ). It comes with comprehensive self-guided web-based tutorials.

When: Monday 9 November 2015, 10.30 am – 4.00 pm

(registration 10.00-10.30 am; informal discussion 4.00-5.00 pm)

Where: Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation ( http://edinburghcentre.org/Venue.html )

Cost: £60.00 (including VAT)

Registration includes:

  • 2-hour RIMMF training webinar on 27 October 2015, and access to RDA Toolkit until the end of the year.
  • The opportunity to be coached by Deborah Fritz, one of the developers of RIMMF, and members of the new RDA Steering Committee.
  • Lunch and refreshments.

Special topics include

  • Pirates! A focus on Treasure Island in print and digital formats, including translations, e-texts, and audio books. Team members are encouraged to wear pirate gear, for example striped shirts, cut-off jeans, parrots, etc. This topic is recommended for those new to RDA and RIMMF.
  • The Scottish book sculptures, and especially Treasure Island. More pirates, but poetry too, and an unusual cataloguing challenge.
  • Scots! A focus on Kidnapped, Catriona, and The Master of Ballantrae. The Master of Ballantrae base r-ball provides examples of RDA applied to multiple digitized versions of multiple editions of a single Work. It exposes a number of issues relating to mass digitization strategies and the utility of RDA in resolving them. Team members are encouraged to wear tartan, kilts, heather, etc. This topic is suitable for those with some knowledge of RDA or digital formats, including JPEG, PDF, DAISY, Kindle, etc.
  • National collections. A focus on RDA for RLS as a national figure. The National Library of Scotland is experimenting with RIMMF to apply the benefits of RDA in bringing together the metadata for its format-based collections, including manuscripts, sound and film recordings, print, and digital. This raises issues of identity and authority, legacy data, and strategies for the future, as well as exposing areas for RDA and RIMMF development.
  • Rare materials and RDA. This topic is associated with the international seminar on RDA and rare materials on 6 Nov 2015, and uses RIMMF to discuss the issues raised.
  • MARC in, MARC out. A focus on RIMMF as a metadata FRBRization and quality improvement tool. RIMMF can import a MARC 21 record and automatically FRBRize it into RDA Work, Expression, and Manifestation data. RIMMF can also export a MARC 21 record from RDA data. This team will use RIMMF to discuss the opportunities afforded by digitization projects to improve legacy data in legacy systems, while future-proofing it for RDA and linked data systems.

Attendees can expect to learn more about RDA, the global standard for resource discovery, and its application to multiple versions of print and digital resources, and have fun doing it.


Before registering, please refer to preparatory work expected for participation in the event – this is highly recommended to fully benefit from attendance – rballs.info/xathons/getmost/

To book your place on the RLS-athon, please supply the following details to CIG Scotland at cigscot@gmail.com

  • Your name
  • Your institution
  • Invoice address (or state that you will pay on the day)
  • Any special dietary requirements
  • Confirmation that you have read and understand the expectations for participation in the RLS-athon.

Please note that invoices will be issued after the event. Enquiries regarding purchase orders, payment or invoicing should be directed to the CIGS Treasurer at cigscot@gmail.com

Registration closes 30th October. Please note that cancellations after this date will be charged at the full price.

Further information will be posted on the RLS-athon web pages at http://rballs.info/topics/p/rls/rlsathon1/


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